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Snails!  Do you know which is which? What they eat? And when you should be controlling them?  This provides some basic info on this pest.

This webpage is produced by the GRDC and provides some background on the snails in Australia.   In Australia four species of introduced snails are pests of grain crops and pastures in the Southern Region.

These can be divided into two distinct groups: round or white snails and conical or pointed snails.

The key parts of the page include:

  • providing the common name and scientific name for each snail
  • its geographic location
  • the features to look for of the snail
  • its food sources
  • Importance and behaviour over summer

The snails discussed include:

  • Vineyard or common white snail
  • Vineyard or common white snail
  • Conical or pointed snail
  • Small conical or pointed snail

The complete report by GRDC has been archived but this provides an introductory look at this common and increasing pest.


Australia - GRDC
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