Independent Southern NSW Irrigated Crop Options Paper

Booth Associates - SunRice

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Farm Table says:

Rice or Cotton? Be armed to make decisions by reading this report. Note: data a little outdated.

This report was commissioned by SunRice to provide an impartial analysis of irrigated crop options for Southern NSW.

Key outcomes include:

  1. a rice based system that includes prudent use of water to grow winter crops on residual moisture and supplementary spring irrigation will suit producers who grow up to 500 ha of rice
  2. once the area of summer crop grown exceeds 500ha there is a greater likelihood of achieving better return on capital from a cotton based system

This assumes:

  • sound management proficiency
  • yields of 12 tonne/ha for rice
  • 11 bales/ha of cotton in the Murrumbidgee Valley
  • 11 tonne/ha for rice or 10 bales/ha of cotton in the Murray Valley
  • both at average prices
2014 - Australia - Booth Associates - SunRice
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