Sowing flexibility of chickpea and lentil in the Western Australian farming system

GRDC - Sarah Rich, Roger Lawes

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

The authors of this paper note in the conclusion: "The results of this research support and extended the findings of the work done in the late 1990s. In all trials, depth of sowing did not significantly impact on plant emergence time, establishment, phenology, dry matter production and yield, even at depths as extreme as 200mm. With only one year of data under current conditions this finding needs further validation and we intend to continue to use both modelling and field trials to determine the relationship between depth of sowing and variety, season and soil and how these relationships impact growth parameters." Please access the full paper via the link below if this research interests you.

The take home messages from this GRDC funded research are below. Please access the full paper via the link below for methodology, references, acknowledgements and discussion.

Take key messages from the paper include:

  • Chickpea and lentil can be successfully grown on sands outside their traditional growing areas.
  • Chickpea and lentil can be sown to depths of up to 200mm, with no delay to emergence and no impact on establishment, phenology and yield.
  • In the low to medium rainfall areas earlier sowing produces higher yields in chickpea and lentil
  • Sowing position (edge/inter-row) on ameliorated sand makes no difference to plant establishment and yield, however, continued seasons of edge row sowing could offer a benefit.

2020 - Australia - GRDC - Sarah Rich, Roger Lawes
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