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Contains useful links to a variety of other resources.

This spray drift guide has been developed by Crop Life as part of their Stewardship First Program. The guide provides a range of resources to draw upon to manage spray drift.

Their ‘must-do’s’ include:

  1. Monitor weather conditions
  2. Check label requirements for wind speed, buffer zones and other weather parameters.
  3. Be aware of sensitive crops, aquacultural assets, sensitive environmental areas or farmed bees in your area and use
  4. Plan to use the largest droplet size supported on the product label.
  5. Minimise boom height, without compromising the spray pattern or achieving the spray target zone of the crop or situation.
  6. Make sure the wind is blowing away from susceptible areas, or an adequate buffer distance is available
  7. Be aware of local topographic and convective influences on wind speed and direction
  8. DO NOT spray during still or low-level air temperature inversion conditions

There are also clues to recognising a surface air temperature inversion.

2018 - Australia - CropLife Australia
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