Stubble Management: A Guide for Mallee Farmers

Mallee Sustainable Farming

Type: PDF, Guide
Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

Relevant to those outside the Mallee. Helpful photographs to measure stubble ground cover.

This guide has been designed to assist farmers to accurately assess stubble cover levels over the critical December to June period. It provides information on stubble management practices to ensure adequate levels of stubble are maintained to minimise erosion and harness the many benefits of stubble retention.

The Guide focuses on the following:

  • Benefits of retaining stubble: prevention of wind erosion, conservation of nutrients, improved soil biology, retention of soil moisture, livestock feed source.
  • Management of stubble retention systems: stubble handling, pests, disease carryover, weed management, nitrogen tie-up (immobilisation), allelopathy, physical effects of stubble.
  • How stubble management can affect ground cover

2013 - Australia - Mallee Sustainable Farming
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