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The Stubble Project - GRDC

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Huge range of information and guidelines on all facets related to stubble management.

The GRDC’s The Stubble Project (Vic and Tas) provides guidelines on stubble management for Victorian and Tasmania growers. These have been developed based on the project’s focus on 17 cropping system components that are directly impact, or interact with, crop residue in a stubble retained system.

There are 17 guidelines:

Break crops in retained stubble systems

Row spacings in a retained stubble system

Stubble characteristics in a retained stubble cropping system

Stubble management at harvest

5. Farm business analysis- Investment in harvest machinery for stubble retained systems

7. Tools to manage stubble during the fallow period

Monitoring stubbles during the fallow period

Sowing into stubble: seeder set-up and selection

10. Establishing Canola in heavy stubble loads

Inter-row sowing

Weed management in retained stubble systems

Herbicide application in retained stubble systems

14. Pest management in retained stubble systems

15. Disease management in a stubble retained system

16. Crop nutrition in a stubble retained system

19. Managing stubble for moisture conservation and erosion prevention

2016 - Australia - The Stubble Project - GRDC
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