Supplementary feeding principles

NSW DPI - Ian Blackwood

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Informative information on supplementary feeding principles for beef cattle. Interesting to know that supplementary feeding most commonly occurs in dry seasons in conjunction with available dry feed.

This fact sheet provides useful information on supplementary feeding principles for beef cattle to assist producers in feed management practices.

The items covered in this article were:

• When supplementary feeding should occur

• Supplementary feeding principles

• Results of supplementary feeding

Key points were as follows:

• Supplementary feeding should occur when dry feed is available for cattle to graze and supplementary feed is only required to provide nutrients to cattle.

• If no dry feed is available for cattle to accompany supplementary feeding, alternate feed solutions should be sought.

• When deciding on the type of supplementary feed, the type of existing feed should be taken into consideration. Dry feed usually requires additional protein and sulfur whereas short green feed requires additional energy

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2006 - Australia - NSW DPI - Ian Blackwood
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