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Farm Table says:

Good all round information on silage, and particularly handy that you can download each topic/chapter as an individual resource.


Dairy Australia has created resources for farmers to learn about the homegrown or bought-in silages, hays, grains / concentrates and other feeds used on most dairy farms to supplement pasture, forages and crops.

They have also made available The TopFodder ‘Successful Silage’ manual which has detailed information on the basic principles and practicalities of producing silage in Australia, from growing and harvesting the parent forage to storing and feeding the silage to dairy cows.

Chapters are available for individual download and include:

Chapter 1. Silage in the farming system
Chapter 2. Principles of silage preservation
Chapter 3. Silage as a pasture management tool
Chapter 4. Silage from pastures and forage crops
Chapter 5. Crops and by-products for silage
Chapter 6. Mowing and wilting pastures and crops
Chapter 7. Silage additives
Chapter 8. Harvesting silage
Chapter 9. Silage storage
Chapter 10. Feeding silage
Chapter 11. Assessing the economics of silage production
Chapter 12. Feed testing: Assessing silage quality
Chapter 13. Feeding silage to dairy cows, and processing prior to feeding

2017 - Australia - Dairy Australia
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