Tactical Sorghum Agronomy For The Central West NSW

NSW Department of Primary Industries - GRDC

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Interesting guide based on research and trial results.

This GRDC Update paper provides the following take home messages:

  • Set a target yield based on soil moisture availability, seasonal outlook for rain and local yield expectations.
  • Sorghum has a wide sowing window in most areas. Avoid sowing too early (cold) or too late (ergot and frost). Monitor rising soil temperatures to target the optimum time to sow. Aim to avoid flowering during the extreme heat of late December to early January.
  • Match the plant population and row spacing to the target yield. Plant uniformity is important so where possible sow using a precision planter.
  • Select at least 2 high yielding hybrids that have the desired characteristics (e.g. maturity, standability) for your growing conditions to spread production risk.
  • Use registered knockdown herbicides to desiccate crops when they reach physiological maturity to hasten crop dry down, improve harvesting and commence the refilling of the soil moisture profile in dryland crops.

It includes the following categories:

  1. Starting Soil Water
  2. When Is The Best Time To Sow?
  3. Selecting A Row Spacing/ Configuration And A Plant Population
  4. Hybrid Selection
  5. Desiccation

2018 - Australia - NSW Department of Primary Industries - GRDC
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