The Great Yield Mystery

Great Yield Mystery

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Farm Table says:

Farmers in the US open up why they missed their crop yield goals.

When one of the top farmers in the area misses his yield goal – by a good bit, everyone has an opinion why. Some are based on science. Some not. But one thing is for sure – they’re all happy to share.

Last year was a banner year. Soybeans. Corn. Conditions didn’t seem to favor one more than the other – it was all good. So why then did one of Eggert County’s top producers fall alarmingly short of his yield goal? If it can happen to Gerald Fitzgerald it can happen to anyone. Unless his brother Darrell can figure out what happened, who’s to say it won’t? Use the information on this website – from the latest weekly podcast, to character descriptions and especially case files, to solve The Great Yield Mystery.

Previous episodes include:

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  • Data
  • Soiled
  • Fungi
  • Iron
  • Germination

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