Top tips for stubble grazing

Mallee Sustainable Farming - National Landcare Programme

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Farm Table says:

This issue of FarmTalk provides locally specific guidelines for grain growers in the Mallee, but may be relevant for other producers looking to graze stubbles.

The following 10 questions are put forward:

  • Why graze stubbles?

  • What value can stubble provide as a feed source?

  • How much feed will stubbles provide?

  • When should livestock be removed from stubble paddocks?

  • How do livestock behave in stubble paddocks?

  • How can I manipulate my paddock size to graze more effectively?

  • Can water point design improve stubble grazing?

  • What should I do with stock when minimum groundcover levels are reached?

  • How do I set up and manage livestock in a containment area?

  • How do I manage livestock grazing saltbush?

2015 - Australia - Mallee Sustainable Farming - National Landcare Programme
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