Transformative Technology Fact Sheet – 3D Printing

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

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Farm Table says:

This fact sheet on transformative technology focuses on 3D printing and how it will impact the agricultural industry in various ways. It also includes two interesting case studies where 3D printing has made a huge impact in certain agricultural sectors.

This fact sheet focusing on 3D printing technology in agriculture is one of eight fact sheets in a series that look at various form of up and coming transformative technology.

The key points of this fact sheet:

  • “A wide range of objects can be manufactured by 3D printing, from tools, parts and appliances through to food products and medical parts.
  • 3D printing is an emerging technology and currently used for developing prototypes, producing medical parts and in education.
  • 3D printing presents an opportunity to produce parts for farm machinery and infrastructure on demand, transforming the efficiency of farm operations.
  • Agricultural supply chains could be shortened significantly with the use of 3D printing to manufacture products.
  • The emerging stage of 3D printing technology, the often untested quality of printers and materials, and a lack of skills are major challenges for its adoption in agriculture.”
  • The ways that 3D printing is changing agriculture includes:
  1. “More efficient farm operations
  2. Shorter agricultural supply chains
  3. New markets for agricultural products
  4. New skills in agriculture”
  • The case studies included in this fact sheet are as follows:
  1. “Looking at the landscape and its water in a new dimension
  2. 3D printing puts lame horses back on their feet”
2016 - Australia - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
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