Transformative Technology Fact Sheet – Internet of Things

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Type: Research Paper, Factsheet
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Farm Table says:

This fact sheet on transformative technology focuses on the internet of things and how it will impact the agricultural industry in various ways. It also includes two interesting case studies that focus on the benefits of IoT in broadacre farming and viticulture.

This fact sheet focusing on the internet of things technology in agriculture is one of eight fact sheets in a series that look at various form of up and coming transformative technology.

The key points of this fact sheet:

  • “The internet of things (IoT) is a wirelessly connected network of objects and devices enabling computers, machines, infrastructure, animals and people to transfer data between each other, without human interaction.”
  • The internet of things “creates a new form of communication between humans and objects, and between objects.”
  • “The IoT integrates data from objects and devices giving businesses better insight into their operations and better information for making decisions.
  • In agriculture, the IoT can identify efficiency gains through monitoring resources and equipment, developing predictive models and making decisions based on the data collected.
  • The IoT can apply to a whole supply chain, enabling producers, processors and consumers to trace a product from paddock to plate.
  • The range and functions of IoT devices available to Australian agriculture is sophisticated and diverse, but access to adequate telecommunications is a major impediment to adoption.”
  • The case studies included in this fact sheet are “IoT saving time and resources in broadacre farming” and “Integrating data and technology for better vineyard decisions”.
2016 - Australia - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
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