Transformative Technology Fact Sheet – Robots

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Type: Research Paper, Factsheet
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

This fact sheet on transformative technology focuses on robots and how they will impact the agricultural industry in various ways. It also includes a case study on robotic tractors and aerial robots, very interesting ways of diversifying farm management.

This fact sheet focusing on robot technology in agriculture is one of eight fact sheets in a series that look at various form of up and coming transformative technology.

The key points of this fact sheet:

  • “The introduction of robots has the potential to further improve productivity through supplementing or enhancing human activities.
  • Robots can be programmed to collect and process data, operate autonomously (to a degree), sense and respond to their surroundings and move themselves or their parts around their environment.”
  • The various types of robots include: 1) stationary robots 2) wheeled robots 3) aerial robots 4) legged robots
  • “Robots have the potential to increase farm productivity by increasing the efficiency of labour and inputs, therefore reducing costs of production.
  • Robots may change farming techniques and the skills required for a career in agriculture. „ Food production may become automated, from the paddock to the plate.
  • Most novel robotic applications in agriculture are at proof of concept stage, and costs and performance have not been predicted at a commercial scale of adoption.
  • Operating standards and regulations are not currently in place to support commercial application of some types of robots.”
2016 - Australia - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
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