Transformative Technology Infographic – Sensors

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Type: Research Paper, Factsheet
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Farm Table says:

This infographic fact sheet on transformative technology focuses on sensors and how they will impact the agricultural industry in various ways. Interesting to note that "less than 5% of data transmitted by sensors was analysed in 2013."

This infographic fact sheet focuses on sensor technology in agriculture and is one of eight fact sheets in a series that look at various form of up and coming transformative technology.

The key points of this fact sheet:

  • “A sensor is a device that detects and responds to inputs from the physical environment. Inputs can include any observable element such as temperature, moisture or pressure. The output is generally data that can be translated or processed into information that supports decision-making.
  • Real-time sensed data in combination with historic data can be used to develop accurate predictive models of production, pest or disease risk and yield in a range of industries.
  • Digital agriculture could increase returns with more timely and accurate information.
  • Internet connectivity and capacity is a barrier to widespread use of sensed data in Australian agriculture.
  • Sensors can send real-time, continuous data about an individual plant or animal’s health and wellbeing. This allows farmers to monitor their farms remotely and provides highly accurate data to support precision agriculture applications.
  • Questions remain over who should have ownership and access to sensed data.”
2016 - Australia - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
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