Understanding your Irrigation System

University of SA - Hortex

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Farm Table says:

The measurement of flow rate and pressure are critical to understanding the performance of your irrigation system - and if you don't measure it, then it is difficult to manage it.

This fact sheet is produced by Hortex and the University of SA and looks at understanding your irrigation system.

Pressurised irrigation systems generally have complex hydraulic components, including pumps, valves, filters, non-return valves, elbow, t-piece, expansions, etc. Each of these components affects the water flow.

Good distribution uniformity  is a key property of an effective irrigation system. This can be determined at the farm, plot or glasshouse scale. It is simply a measure of the lowest 25% of emitter flow divided by the average.

The key sections include:

  • farm scale uniformity assessment
  • sprinkler system – Ensuring you have good distribution uniformity is important
  • dripper system – Pressure and flow measurements are critical for determining dripper distribution uniformity.
  • system analysis – Always check that your flow rates are what you expect


2015 - Australia - University of SA - Hortex
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