Use Case: Precision Agriculture, The Internet Of Things, And Big Data Management

Theras Wood - Helios Wire

Type: Case Study
Knowledge level: Introductory

Farm Table says:

Easy to interpret case study looking at the issues facing precision agriculture, the internet of things and big data management. It looks at various solutions that have made an impact to date and how they can be effectively utilised.

This case study from Canada covers precision agriculture, the internet of things and big data management in agriculture.

Key points were as follows:

  • Smart farming is becoming more important as the world’s population continues to grow.
  • IoT technology is not accessible to small – medium size farms however precision agriculture is a key user in big agriculture.
  • The world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2006 in order to feed the growing population of the Earth, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. To meet this demand, farmers and agricultural companies are turning to the Internet of Things for analytics and greater production capabilities.”
  • The cloud has been a significant tool used to capture real-time data and to assist producers reduce inputs and increase production by improved management practices.
  • Data management is still seen as a future hurdle as IoT grows and systems need to be created to help simplify that data so it can be easily interpreted by farmers.
  • Helios solution is a data collection device that is cost effective and links in with existing technology so no additional capital expenditure is required by farmers.
2017 - Canada - Theras Wood - Helios Wire
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