Water Buy Back in the Basin – Fact Sheet

Victorian Farmers Federation

Type: Factsheet

A range of different entitlements exist across the Southern Murray Darling Basin with varying degrees of reliability. Entitlements can be divided into high, medium and low reliability. Victoria has a very secure high reliability product which is a reflection of why horticulture and dairy have invested in Northern Victoria.

In 2015, the Australian Government legislated a 1,500 gigalitre (GL) cap on surface water purchases to provide certainty to Basin communities that the government was prioritising infrastructure
investment over water purchasing. To date the Commonwealth has purchased 1224 GL of long term cap equivalent water, 276 GL can still be purchased under the 1500 GL cap which expires in expires in 2026.

This 2-page fact sheet summarises both Southern Basin water puchases and Northern Basin water purchases in Victoria.


Victorian Farmers Federation
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