Weaning Dairy Calves


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Farm Table says:

These resources provide guidelines, rules of thumbs and benchmark figures that are great to check your performance and management techniques, as well as providing useful information on weaning calves.

This webpage has been produced by DairyNZ and provides information that can be used to successfully wean calves so that they develop into healthy heifers.  It describes how to have a weaning group that contains calves with reasonably uniform stages of development so that additional time isn’t required to ‘catch up’ those that are lagging behind.

Key sections include:

  • Factors to consider before weaning;
  • Rumen development;
  • Weaning weight; and
  • Relocating recently weaned calves.

It also contains links to more in-depth articles, including Weaning Decisions and Younger or Lighter Calf Management, which provide more information on the ability of calves to compete within a group and options to accelerate heifer growth.

In conclusion, reading a combination of the webpage and articles will provide you with management techniques and considerations that should be made when weaning dairy calves.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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