What Does ‘in-Conversion’ Mean?

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Farm Table says:

There is a minimum three period required to convert to organic status - this fact sheet looks at each of them and what is required to be declared as an organic producer.

This fact sheet is produced by Australian Organic and looks at the term “in-conversion”

Primary producers go through three stages to becoming organic. In-conversion is the status given to producers when they are in the second year of converting to organic and when some start marketing their product as organic but don’t have full A grade status yet.

The key sections are:

  • Stage 1: Precertification
    precertified products produced during the first year of converting to organic cannot bear reference to being
    certified organic or use a certification body’s logo
  • Stage 2: In-conversion
    in-conversion requires a minimum of 12, and up to 24 months
  • Stage 3: Certified organic (A grade)
    full certification status, also referred to as A grade, requires a minimum prior period of three years

In conclusion the fact sheet states that in-conversion products cannot be sold as organic.

2013 - Australia - Australian Certified Organic
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