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Fertilizers provide essential nutrients for plant growth. Most texts list 16 essential nutrient elements, in addition carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (supplied by air and water), but do you understand what each of these does?

This webpage has been produced by Fertilizer Australia to assist with understanding the common terms used in the fertiliser industry.

It looks at the key role fertiliser plays in production.

Fertilizer provides the nutrients essential for plant growth. As crops and animals are removed and consumed so too are the nutrients they have taken up. For a sustainable system these nutrients must be replaced and that is the key role that fertilizers play.
Fertilizers are any substances containing one or more plant nutrients in known amount, which is applied to the soil or irrigation water, or directly on the plant foliage

The key parts include understanding the difference (in terms of fertiliser use) between

  • macro and micro-nutrients
  • Mineral and organic fertilisers
  • Organic and conventional farming

The webpage also goes onto to explain the common terms used to explain fertilisers

  • Straight fertilizers
  • Compound fertilizers
  • Blended fertilizers
  • Prilled fertilizers
  • Compacted fertilizers
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Soluble solids
  • nutrient release
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