What is Irrigation?

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Farm Table says:

Proper irrigation management takes careful consideration and vigilant observation - this webpage provides some insight into some of the issues that need considering.

This webpage has been created by Agriculture Victoria and looks at all aspects of irrigation.

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to land for the purpose of agricultural production. Effective irrigation will influence the entire growth process from seedbed preparation, germination, root growth, nutrient utilisation, plant growth and regrowth, yield and quality.

The key sections include:

  • the value of irrigation
  • irrigation system descriptions
  • choosing an irrigation system
  • Source of irrigation water
  • irrigation scheduling
  • problems – underwatering and overwatering
  • courses available to undertake
  • further reading and sources of information

In conclusion, the producer has a lot of control over how much water to supply and when to apply it but the irrigation system determines uniformity. Deciding which irrigation systems is best for your operation requires a knowledge of equipment, system design, plant species, growth stage, root structure, soil composition, and land formation. Irrigation systems should encourage plant growth while minimising salt imbalances, leaf burns, soil erosion, and water loss. Losses of water will occur due to evaporation, wind drift, run-off and water (and nutrients) sinking deep below the root zone.



Updated Dec 2017 - Australia - Agriculture Victoria
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