What is sustainable agriculture?

Union of Concerned Scientists

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This article on sustainability talks about sustainable methods of agricultural production in the United States and how industrialised farming practices using chemicals and fertilisers are not sustainable to feed the nation long term.

Items covered in this article were:

  • Sustainable agriculture 101
  • Sustainable agriculture practices
  • Sustainable agriculture science
  • Sustainable agriculture and farm policy

Key points were as follows:

  • Sustainable agriculture works with nature to achieve economic, social and environmentally friendly results without compromising the health of the land.
  • Sustainable agricultural practices include:
  1. Crop rotation
  2. Cover crops
  3. No tillage
  4. Integrated pest management
  5. Agroforestry
  6. Effective management of landscapes
  • Science is developing in the field of sustainable agriculture, over time more research will be conducted and more farmers will want to adopt more sustainable farming practices.
  • Farm policy in the United States has made some progress in recent times however more needs to be achieved.
United States - Union of Concerned Scientists
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