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Farm Table says:

Handy website section which has a whole host of information on whole farm planning. It helps you if you want to do the farm management plan yourself or if you want to engage a professional or complete a course.

This Agriculture Victoria Resource walks through the basics of whole farm planning, which they define as “a process of planning, property design and management based on natural resources and economic factors.”

They list the following components of a whole farm plan:

  • land classing
  • soils
  • farm water supply
  • biodiversity
  • pest plants and animals
  • pastures
  • succession planning
  • grazing management
  • drought management
  • prioritising works
  • identifying threats and assets
  • developing realistic action plans

Why create a whole farm plan?

Agriculture Victories state the following benefits of whole farm planning:

  1. You can address the current and future goals of your property, industry, landscape and catchment.
  2. WFP enables you to identify and take advantage of the catchments and subcatchment opportunities of your property.
  3. A WFP helps you make a management plan for your property and considers your own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your landscape and environment.
  4. “Farm planning helped get all the ideas for the farm out of our heads and onto paper… then the action happens.” Doug Streeter (farmer)

When is it needed?

Agriculture Victoria posit the following questions that might get you thinking about a whole farm plan:

  • Are you looking at any major enterprise changes?
  • Could your farm management be made easier?
  • Are you farming within the capacity of your landscape?
  • Are you prepared for climatic extremes such as drought, wet periods and fire?

How do I prepare a farm management plan?

The following options are outlined:

The webpage links out to a number of resources to get you started, including:

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