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Farm Table says:

Case studies like this one that explore how young farmers have approached share farming in different ways is extremely valuable in boosting confidence of new starters.

We just love hearing how young and experienced farmers work together to achieve their farming vision.

This case study from People in Agriculture focuses on Will Colbert and his journey into dairy farming through a sharefarming approach.

Will’s tips for stepping into share farming from the article include:

  • Plan your goals: if you want to progress in the industry, you have to plan how to get there.
  • Discuss your career path with your employer: talk about your career and/or if you wish to step-up your position on-farm.
  • Learn business skills early: as a share farmer, you have to budget to ensure that you make money everyday – learn how to be ‘business-minded’ early.
  • Save money, buy what you can afford and stay within your limits: find a good Accountant.
  • Open communication between the Share farmer and owner is vital: understand what the Farm Owner wants to achieve for the farm.
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