Winter grazing management crucial for spring success

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Pasture management is key during winter. If your pastures are well managed during winter, they will be able to withstand increases in day length and temperature more easily than those with low-quality grazing practices that leave them ungrazed or overgrazed during cold months.

Elements covered in this resource cover:

  • Grazing residual and rate of leaf emergence during recovery of pasture
  • Rotational grazing during winter months due to slower leaf emergence
  • Urea applications during winter for nitrogen boost to pasture
  • Gibberellic acid use to increase winter pasture during cold temperatures
  • Fodder conservation by cutting early to conserve nutrient value in silage
  • Supplementary feeding to supplement the diet
  • Containment areas for supplement feeding to preserve from overgrazing
  • Destocking – selling excess stock

There is also a useful feed budgeting calculations guide for pasture you can download to calculate how long each paddock will last for the amount of stock you are grazing on it.


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