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Farm Table says:

How are you feeling about the things that are most important to you in life?  Do you have work life balance?


What is the problem?

A convenient attitude is always the optimal key to a successful business. This worksheet implemented by this module is a simple tool and framework for recording how farmers or anyone in the business or family think about the status of their life in regards to work, family, time, money and the self. After getting to know one’s self, a work-life balance can be initially obtained.

What did the research involve?

It established the process in filling the download-free Work-life Balance Worksheet.

What were the key findings?

  • The process of filling the Work-life Balance Worksheet is entailed below:
  1.  Individual response
    Filling out the table that contains ticks in the boxes or lists of specific items. The boxes are composed of two questions that a partaker needs to choose, these are “going well” or “not going well,” in regards to the specific personal question.

For the situations that are going well, approaches to protection and rooms for improvement is intrapersonally queried. Meanwhile, for the circumstances that are not going quite well, the causes and the appropriate solutions are also identified.

Step 2: A description of one’s ideal work-life balance situation is written
On the basis of your individual response at Step 1, a statement of describing one’s desires of a work-life balance situation is written. These include self-realizations and intrapersonal communication.

Step 3: Business
The responses of Steps 1 and 2 can be shared with relevant people in the family or the business. Somehow, it may affect the relationship but the point is to understand each other’s needs, aspirations, and any other factors that greatly impact the business or family situation. A collaborative work attains an improved work-life balance.

Final comment

The Work-life Balance Worksheet can be freely downloaded on the world wide web through this module. Nonetheless, answering this worksheet does not mean that it will independently provide the partaker a balanced and better work-life situation. It is an initial step and the effectivity results to the favorable actualization.

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