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Farm Table says:

Information direct to producers to assist with cattle yards and equipment, find the latest designs and information below.

For information on cattle yards and equipment, please click on the relevant links below:

Cattle yard design:

1) Beef cattle yards for less than 100 head

2) Weean cattle yards

3) Circular cattle yard: 250 head capacity

4) Conventional cattle yard – 200 head capacity

Individual yard plans:

1) Circular cattle yard for 100 head

2) Circular cattle yard for 10-15 head

3) Circular cattle yard for 45 head

4) Circular cattle yard with additional holding yard (working capacity 30–35 head)

5) Circular cattle yard with additional holding yards (working capacity 60 head)

6) Circular cattle yard with improved stock flow (working capacity 35 head)

7) Circular cattle yard with separate calf race and additional holding yard

8) Rectangular cattle yard adapted to hold 40 head

9) Rectangular cattle yard for 15 head

10) Rectangular cattle yard for 25 head

11) Rectangular cattle yard for 35 head

12) Rectangular cattle yard for 45 head

13) Circular cattle yard for 250 head

14) Circular cattle yard for 250 head (pegging-out sequence)

15) Conventional cattle yard for 200 head

Other equipment:

1) Round bale self-feeders for cattle

2) Self-locking cattle gate latches

3) Livestock flood refuge mounds

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