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Weather Certificates

  • No assessment for claims - Automated payments straight into your bank account once the certificate pays out.
  • Climate Data sourced straight from BOM - Over 100 years of historical data is assessed in your location to create your Weather Certificate

  • Two-way collaborative process - We work with you to create unique certificates tailored to your specific needs. No two certificates are the same.

Bluebell GPS Livestock Tracker

  • Supports large paddocks with very long range (5-15 km) communications using LoRaWAN wireless standards
  • Very accurate location tracking using best in breed GPS satellite technology
  • Collar versions come with extended battery for more frequent GPS location updates

Guidance and Steering

Product of the Week

Weather Certificates

A Risk Management tool to recover lost income due to adverse weather such as drought, Frost or Excessive Rain

A Weather Certificate is the future of insurance for farmers. It is a derivative that farmers can purchase to hedge the risk of a particular weather-related scenario. Our variety of Weather Certificates are personally tailored to your property and your specific needs, whether that be to protect your income from