Agripath provides farm business management advice to innovative farmers throughout Australia and internationally. The company was formed with a clear vision to collect and provide farm financial and production data to farmers in a format that allows them to understand their business and assist in making better decisions. With over 25 years experience working with farmers to improve their profits and  an absolute commitment to ensuring we are working with high quality data, the Agripath team of consultants spend the time to ensure that our clients are getting the greatest rewards from their businesses.

Our experience working with farmers clearly shows that all businesses, big and small, can benefit from participation in Agripath Profit Focus.  Over twenty years of data reveals that the differences in farm performance for similar farms in the same region is over $300,000 /year.  Over a lifetime of farming this equates into enormous differences in wealth.  More often than not this is the difference between sucessful farm succession and being forced to sell.  Profit Focus  compares your farm performance confidentially with other local farms and provides participants with clear pathways to increase profit.

Agripath Farm Focus is for farmers who want to drive change in their business, step outside of their comfort zone and build a business that meets their aspirational needs. It is a format of regular business-focused meetings, based around simple but effective planning processes and the development of a highly professional decision-making framework.  These combine to direct and drive business momentum. Agripath underpin this with unparrelled access to validated, quantified farm performance data.

Agripath is the preferred provider of Due diligence for farm acquisitions. Our specialised models are enriched by our commitment to collecting high quality regionally specific farm performance data, and provide the investor with a view of potential business performance and risk.

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We invest in initiatives that attracts capable people in to careers in agriculture. We invest in initiatives that build the capability of future rural leaders, and support change markers and thought leaders. We invest in research and analysis to understand and address important issues on the horizon for Australian agriculture.