Resource Consulting Services

Resource Consulting Services (RCS) is Australia’s leading provider of whole-of-business education, training and consulting services for the agricultural sector. We equip farmers with professional and practical skills, enabling them to take their business to a new level and secure sustainable profits and a better quality of life.

Our team of highly experienced advisors work with our clients in area such as:

  • Education and training – whole-of-business management and regenerative agricultural practices
  • Professional development
  • Professional advice – family and corporate business, government and private sectors
  • Benchmarking and business analysis
  • Business planning 
  • Property development planning

To be fully effective in these varying endeavours, our partnerships must extend beyond those on the land. We also work in close cooperation with government agencies, local authorities, industry groups, banks, accountants, financial planners and other rural focused professionals.


Key Points

  • Benchmarking
  • Training
  • Business & Financial Management
  • Training
  • Events
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Resource Consulting Services on the Farm Table