Cancer Council concerned Monsanto concealing Roundup cancer links

Updated August 11, 2018 21:05:48

Photo: Glyphosate, commonly sold as Roundup, is one of Australia’s most common weedkillers. (Rose Grant: ABC Rural) Related Story: Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million to man who claims Roundup weed killer caused cancer

The Cancer Council is urging global chemical giant Monsanto to come clean on any potential links to cancer with one of its popular weed killers following a major lawsuit in the US.

Key points: A US jury has found the weed killer glyphosate contributed to a former school gardener’s non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma Monsanto denies the link and will appeal the decision, saying its product is safe to us The Cancer Council in Australia is concerned Monsanto is concealing information on cancer links and urges precautions

The agribusiness was ordered to pay $US289 million ($396 million) to a former school gardener who is dying of cancer, after a jury in California found the company’s Roundup weed killer contributed to his illness.

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