Cattle herds seek out greener pastures along Queensland’s stock routes

After a long dusty day walking cattle along the stock route, Terry Hall pulls up a chair near the fire to watch the vibrant pinks, yellows and oranges of a Southern Queensland sunset.

The Goondiwindi drover has been on the road for three months in an effort to keep his cattle alive.

Mr Hall has been droving about 1,000 head of weaner steers with more on the way.

“The feed’s pretty good just around here but water’s starting to fail us a bit, that’s our biggest drama — water,” Mr Hall said.

With the drought in New South Wales worsening, thousands of cattle are walking over the border in search of greener pastures.

The sunlit plains extended — horses on the long paddock.

The sunlit plains extended — horses on the long paddock.

“There’s plenty coming over but we’re in front of all of those, we all should get a feed, water’s going to be our biggest trouble, at this stage we’ll be right for at least six weeks,” he said.

“We never thought there’d be too many NSW cattle come over because a lot of those drovers from over there don’t like the scrub, a lot of scrub up here, a lot of good feed, the cattle do well on the trees but it’s worse down in NSW they had to do something so they’ve decided to come up here.”