Five reasons farmers should never feel like a fish out of water in the city!

Do you ever venture into the city and feel out of place? Does sharing the congested roadways with trams, buses and taxis, long line ups to restaurants that don’t take bookings, no friendly smiles as you walk down the street or spending close to $30 on one espresso martini, leave you feeling crowded and craving the open spaces of home?

Well, today we give you 5 reasons why you should actually feel in your comfort zone in the city

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  1.    Look down. Everyone is wearing RM Williams boots!

Whether it be walking down Collins St or Pitt St, in a bar in Fitzroy or even down the sidestreets of Bondi, there are hipsters, businessmen and people of all ages donned out in our favourite, iconic staple, RM’s. Or if not, check to see if any Blundestones are paving the concrete! Or look up, you will be sure to see an Akubra donning the head of a streetgoer cruising by.



  1.    Time worn timber and hides aplenty!

Check out the cool city spots to dine, drink and stay. Look around? Chances are you will start to feel at ease, because despite the throngs of people, the furniture and décor may feel a little homely. Floral prints, rustic accessories, cow-hides, lambskin rugs, striped cushions, reclaimed timber… the country charm is everywhere!

  1.    Clothing in all states of disrepair

Snagged your work jeans on a stray wire in the sheepyards? Well, by golly, leave them on and jump in the car! You will turn heads for effortless styling as you cruise down Chapel Street. Distressed, ripped, faded, busted knees….it’s all ok!  

  1.    Back to basics, honest, clean food

Think of all of your favourite foods… Do they come from the veggie garden, the herb patch or from the paddock? Do you love your meat tender and juicy and your greens crunchy and fresh? Well folks, welcome to the clean eating phase rocking the suburbs. Clean Eating Mag explains the phenomenon: “The soul of eating clean is consuming food the way nature delivered it, or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to an improved life – one meal at a time.” Hallelujah sister, we are with you! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

  1.    Cupboard-staple striped and checked shirts

Opening your cupboard, you always are comforted by the familiar site of your collection of stripes and checks. Your look is well defined and pretty much doesn’t change over the course of your adult life. Well no need to worry, as you are on point! Stripes are dominating fashion everywhere, so wear that shirt with pride and strut that bow-legged strut with confidence!

We hope this gives you enough reasons to head over and visit your city cousins feeling comfortable in your own skin.


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