Are you ready to make an investment to secure the future of your farm business?

This week we sat down to chat with Jeremy Hutchings, CEO of Farm Owners Academy (Farm Owners) to discuss what they’ve been up to and how their training courses and members are adapting in the COVID-19 environment. We also do a deep dive into their recently launched Platinum Mastermind Program — we think this will be an interesting and valuable opportunity for a number of our members looking for ongoing and in-depth assistance to enable accountability and business improvement.

We hope you enjoy our discussion and reach out if you have any questions about Farm Owners and what they offer.

Jeremy, so nice to catch up! What a year?! How are things getting on in the world of Farm Owners Academy?

Thank you Airlie, great to connect. Thank you.

In all the uncertainty that exists for so many right now, I am pleased that for farming families – to a large degree – things have been ‘business as usual’. It is pleasing for once that our industry is in fact the lucky one!

The same is true for us at Farm Owners – our clients continue to achieve fantastic results, our team continues to expand, and interest in all of our programs continues to be strong. Regrettably our June and now September 2 Day ‘flagship’ TOP Producers Programs – Melbourne & Sydney – have been placed on hold, and we have been required to move two of our client conferences to be online events, with great feedback from our members!

Presently we are mid-way through a 7 session, online financial literacy training program with over 150 farming families, which is receiving outstanding feedback.

This month, for the first time and until 31st October 2020, we are accepting applications for 30 positions on our Platinum Mastermind Program. We would welcome applications from your followers Airlie !

What continues to impress me is the way our community comes together in support of each other at this time. As we collectively recover from tough seasons, fire and Covid 19, and focus on making the most of this and future seasons, this FOA community and the people within it continue to blow me away!

Jeremy and his family on the top of Mt Kosciuszko! (December 2016)

You mentioned applications have opened for your Platinum Mastermind Program. Can you walk me through the program as it is one of the Farm Owners offerings I don’t know very much about!

Absolutely! Yes, our applications are now open for our Platinum Mastermind Program. It is the first of its kind to be made available to farmers and it is all about enabling producers to reach their full potential. It’s an intensive three-year business coaching initiative to educate, strategise, and take efficient action on the 9 steps you need to create a freedom farm that can run without you — what we call The TOP Producers Model:

TOP Producers Model

Assisted by leading strategists and experts over three years, we will help you achieve business mastery by:

  • Reviewing your current business position
  • Setting a clear strategy
  • Exploring maximum utilisation and profit
  • Introducing systems to improve efficiencies and drive productivity
  • Applying accountability around time, discipline and goals
  • Managing an effective team to drive the performance of your business
  • Harnessing your passion for your craft to create profound, sustainable results
  • Master mindset and leadership disciplines to set you up as a serious contender

But you won’t just think about doing these things…

With the Platinum Mastermind, you’ll actually DO them, with coaches and fellow farmers supporting you every week, month, and year of the program. I get so excited speaking about it as it is a program that delivers incredible results for all involved.

Why was the Platinum Mastermind Program created, and who is it for?

It may sound a little over the top, but the Platinum Mastermind is for farmers who are ready to change their lives. It is for those producers ready to invest the time needed and be accountable in order to push their business to be as good as it can be. It won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay, but if you are an open-minded, passionate farmer who’s hungry to learn more and willing to try new things, whilst surrounded by an unbelievable community of optimistic people who lift you up and encourage you to reach your true potential, then please watch the videos below.

Joining is by application only.  We only allow members inside Platinum Mastermind if we know we can help double their profits and double their time off. If we don’t feel we can do that for you, we won’t accept you to the program. It’s just not fair to you.

What’s actually involved in the Program?

There are 7 keys parts or processes to this in-depth Program, which include:

  1. Audit of your current reality: We’ll use an in-depth questionnaire (…it’s full-on!) to help you explore everything about your farming business. We’ll use your audit to guide the second step of the program…
  2. Strategy call to create your action plan: Next, you’ll have a strategy call with a coach to review your audit and map out what you’re going to achieve in the first year. Your tasks will be laser-focused and broken down by quarter, so it’s crystal clear what needs to be done when. Everything is mapped out for you — all you have to do is follow the plan. You’ll meet with your coach to create a fresh action plan every year as you grow and change.
  3. Monthly Mastermind meetings with a small group: When you join, you’ll be matched up with five other growth-minded farmers in a similar situation to you so you can help each other along the journey. You’ll have monthly online Mastermind meetings with your small group plus your coach.
  • In-depth whole-farm financial benchmark:  We’ll produce an extremely in-depth benchmark report of how your business is performing financially. Financial jargon can be confusing — so Greg, our farm financial expert, will walk you through all the numbers so you have a firm grasp of your farm’s performance…and then give you a specific list of things you can do to purely drive profitability.
Example Whole-farm financial benchmark
  • In-person Deep Dives: Three times a year, the Platinum Mastermind meets in-person for 2-day workshops. Getting off the farm switches your brain into a different gear. Connecting with driven, inspiring, hardworking farmers like you is transformational.
  • Monthly coaching calls with the FOA team: In addition to your monthly small group mastermind, you’ll also join us for 3 x monthly online calls, for another layer of accountability to keep you on track. You have 3 expert mentors who will educate you on different growth strategies PLUS you can ask them any questions that come up along the way.
Expert Mentors: Jeremy (FOA CEO), Greg (FOA co-founder and finance expert) and Tracy (FOA life coach)
  • Ongoing support in real-time: Need advice but can’t wait until a mastermind or coaching call? No worries. You can ask the entire Platinum Mastermind community for help, through our online support hub. We have a team of experts in addition to the 100 or so farmers inside the program, ready to answer your questions.

Wow, this seems huge, but exactly what we need at our stage in our farm business! What is the time commitment required?

It feels full on, because it is Airlie! It’s an action-based model that is effective in enabling farm businesses to reach their potential. We include layer upon layer of support to make sure you take action, instead of thinking or dreaming about doing it.

The program is designed to be a 3-year journey. There are 9 modules in total, delivered over 3 Deep Dives annually. The program is this long as we believe it’s not possible to teach you how to run a TOP performing farming business in a shorter period. The event locations are currently alternated between Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

What is the cost?

We explain the cost investment with you at the application stage, as it is a significant business decision for all parties.  However, I can confirm that we will shortly be implementing our first ever price increase since our conception in 2015.  The 30 businesses that join before November 2020 will be the last ones to benefit from the current prices.

When do applications close and where can we apply?

Applications close on 31st October 2020. We have a maximum of 30 places available and you can apply here.

If anyone wants to discuss the Program and if it is a good fit for them, I recommend popping your details in a form on this page and we can book in a Discovery Call with our team to see if the program is the right fit for you.

Thanks so much, Jeremy! Any final plug for our readers?

The typical Platinum Mastermind member has a ROAM that’s 3x higher than the average farmer (according to ABARES). And the top 20% of the farmers in our Platinum Mastermind have a ROAM that’s 5x higher. Our farmers get results…because they put in the work!

ROAM of Farm Owners members vs. ABARES and Holmes & Sackett Benchmarking

Thanks Jeremy, this sounds exactly the sort of investment we need in our business. I look forward to reading more about it and understanding the fit for our business, as well as sharing with our wonderful Farm Table family. Thanks for the great work you are doing to supercharge Australian farm businesses!

No worries, Airlie. We are so passionate about what we do and the amazing impacts it can have for our producers and for your Farm Table members.

We had such a great chat with Jeremy! But we also wanted to hear more from producers that had taken part in the Platinum Mastermind. The wealth of testimonials is incredible and clearly show the impact the Program is having on farm businesses. We included some of these comments below.


  • “We have just completed the 3-year Mastermind program with Farm Owners Academy. This is the most holistic business course we have ever been involved with and it’s had a huge impact both on our business, and also on our personal lives. Greg, Andrew and Deb have a genuine desire to see farmers lead happier, healthier, balanced lives while growing highly profitable businesses. Between them they have a massive amount of experience and knowledge, plus the course allowed us to mix with and benefit from the experience of all the other farmers in the group. We are completely changing the way we run our business as a result of our learnings over the last 3 years. We are now in our 2nd year of the FOA Alumni Program and are looking forward to continuing to be challenged and inspired in so many ways. Our only disappointment is that we didn’t have access to this course much earlier in our farming career.”- Tim & Cheryl Freak
  • “The knowledge Greg and Andrew have between them is just phenomenal.  Our involvement in the Platinum Mastermind Program has had a dramatic impact on our business and mindset.  We have gained so much clarity around what we want to achieve, it has allowed us to step outside of the business and look in, and has provided us with the tools to support our farm going forward. Our sights are set way past what we thought was ever possible.” – Hayley Grosser – Platinum Mastermind Member since March 2018

Want to learn more about Farm Owners Academy?

Greg Johnnson and Andrew Roberts created the Farm Owners Academy in 2015 to simplify the complexity of running a farming business. Their methods have been tried and tested in Australian Farming Businesses for over 35 years and are proven to help you experience more profit, more control, and more freedom.

FOA is recognised for its excellence and commitment to helping business owners and their teams succeed. FOA has a variety of resources including educational programs, online webinars, regular live events, plus blogs and fortnightly podcasts. In essence, they have a suite of differing learning tools (both online and in person) that include everything you need to unlock the full potential of your business, and create something that makes you both proud and profitable and gives you the freedom you deserve.

  • Access their website here.
  • Find their podcast in our Podcast Library here.
  • Access their courses in our Course Library 
  • Watch their video below!