Kangaroo Island grain growers find markets with big food and beverage brands

Kangaroo Island grain growers have made connections with well-known food and beverage brands to help with selling their product off the island.

Kangaroo Island Pure Grain has helped growers sell their barley to companies, such as Coopers and Arnotts.

Last year the Coopers Brewery opened its new malthouse and Kangaroo Island Pure Grain signed a contract to supply barley for making beer.

Grain grower Ben Pontifex said Coopers told them what barley breed they would be interested in and the growers trialled that during last season.

“It was the Westminster barley and we managed to get a bit over 1,000 tonne of malting barley for the trial from the island.

“Hopefully the trial goes well this year and it can continue on.”

Mr Pontifex said this particular barley seems to work well on the island.

“On paper it stacks up pretty well for our climate and in reality we actually had our driest year in a long time last year and it still impressed us.

“It looks like it [the yield] should only go up into the future, because last year it still went six tonnes to the hectare.”

Kangaroo Island growers look for niche markets

Kangaroo Island grain grower Ben Pontifex and site manager Dennis Jamieson at the Kangaroo Island Pure Grain site

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