Kangaroos kept eating Martin’s grass — so now he’s eating them

Posted December 09, 2018 08:13:31

Photo: Indigenous chef T-Bag (R) taught a class how to butcher a kangaroo. (ABC News: Nick Haggarty) Related Story: Graziers pull dozens of dead kangaroos from dams as drought bites

Culled kangaroos used to lie rotting on Martin Royds’ drought-parched fields. Now, they’re on his dinner plate, and experts say it makes sustainable sense.

Key points: Farmers forced to cull kangaroos to protect land Indigenous chef teaches locals to cook culled animals Expert says kangaroo a sustainable source of meat

Frustrated by the waste of killing dozens of kangaroos, Mr Royds teamed up with an Indigenous chef to encourage others to turn animals they’re forced to shoot into a meal.

As drought has worsened over the past year, so too has the problem of kangaroos invading Mr Royds’ land and competing with his cattle for increasingly patchy greenery in Braidwood, forcing him to destock.

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