‘Magnificent’ wildflowers abloom in WA after winter rain

Posted August 12, 2018 05:45:00

Photo: Wildflower experts says widespread winter rainfall has delivered ideal growth conditions for a stunning wildflower display across WA’s Midwest from the Gascoyne to the top of the Wheatbelt. (Jessica Hayes)

Wildflowers are abloom in parts of Western Australia, with widespread winter rainfall providing ideal growth conditions.

Thick carpets of pink, yellow and white everlastings can be seen from the Gascoyne to the Wheatbelt.

It’s in stark contrast to the patchy and dry conditions seen in recent years.

Geraldton-based wildflower enthusiast Glenda Blythe said rain had fallen at the right time, and this was important for the flower germination.

“This has got to be one of the best seasons I think I’ve ever witnessed here,” she said.

“The carpets of everlastings, they’re everywhere this year. With the good opening rains and continued rains we’ve just got the carpets we always used to have.

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