Meet Dozer — the colossal Canadian steer who might be even bigger than Knickers

Updated December 01, 2018 17:50:09

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Knickers’ reign as the internet’s favourite large steer might be short lived.

A Canadian farm claims to own an even larger steer named Dozer.

Kismet Creek Farm, a sanctuary that operates as a shelter for farm animals, took to its Facebook page to say it had been flooded with attention after the story of Knickers went global this week.

Knickers, a Holstein Friesan steer from a farm in Western Australia, stands at 194 centimetres tall and weighs in at 1,400 kilograms.

In a post the farm said it knew Dozer, also a Holstein Friesan, was 192 centimetres tall, but “that measurement was a year or two ago”.

“So yesterday afternoon, when Global News was here, we measured Dozer for them, and he was 6’5”, the farm said in the post.