Meet Josh

Introducing our Farmer eXchange Farmer Advisory Team

Josh, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Three generations of the Small family

I grew up on our fourth generation family farm which is located just north of Deniliquin in southern NSW. After completing Year 12 I lived and worked on the farm with my father and grandfather for 12 months. This was during the millennium drought.

After a year back on the farm the unrelenting drought forced me off farm to go and complete a trade in building.  I returned to the farm 6 years later with my wife. I have been living and working on the family farm for the last 4 years and I am currently studying a diploma of Agriculture.

Our farm consists of irrigation, dry land cropping and livestock.

Our predominant summer crop is rice, as well as lucerne for feed. During winter we grow both dryland and irrigated crops. The farm runs 250 breeding Murray Grey cows as well as merino and crossbred ewes.

What is your farming dream and vision?

My farming dream is sustainability of both our family farm and our agricultural community so that future generations have a solid platform to grow and produce.

I believe there has never been a more exciting time to be in Agriculture and we need our community to be part of the journey.

Our vision is to have a self-sustainable business so there no reliance on any one individual.

Why did you get involved in Farmer eXchange project?

I did not hesitate when I was asked to be part of the Farmer eXchange project.

What drew me to this project is the fact that it has not been done before and its ease of use will enable an online community for farmers where they can feel comfortable to ask questions and receive ideas that could enhance their farm businesses.

To have this resource available to you, so you to get instant feedback from other farmers all over Australia is priceless.

Image: Emma Field, Weekly Times

Who you think will benefit from the Farmer eXchange?

I think the beauty of the Farmer eXchange is that anyone can have access to it and they can choose to be as active as they wish. It doesn’t matter if you are in an isolated rural community, you always have a specialist/neighbour on the Farmer eXchange who you can share and bounce ideas off.

In that sense I believe that the Farmer eXchange will benefit everyone in the agricultural industry due to its accessibility and ease of use.

Your vision for the Farmer eXchange

My vision for the Farmer eXchange is an innovative and comfortable online environment that enables people to connect and drives innovation within the agricultural community.

What is the first question you would ask on the eXchange?

We are wanting to diversify our farm business and looking for the most cost efficient way to do so. Raised beds are one system we are looking at trying.  We currently have bankless channel contour irrigation layouts on a 1:2000 fall and we are looking at flattening out the bays so there will be a small terrace between bays, 20 to 50mm.

Has anyone irrigated Cotton or any other crops on this type of system and would you recommend it, or have any advice?

Thanks Josh!

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