Meet the Myanmar activist who married an Aussie farmer

Updated July 14, 2018 09:35:13

Photo: Tin Hta Nu on her farm in Kendall, NSW. (ABC News: Carla Mascarenhas) Related Story: Should tourists boycott Myanmar again? Related Story: Burma: a brief political history

When Tin Hta Nu was on the run from the Government in Myanmar, previously known as Burma, she never thought she would end up marrying an Australian farmer teaching people how to grow their own food.

A lecturer in economics at Rangoon University she was a key figure in the university-led resistance against the Myanmar socialist Government in the late 1980s.

“We were young and not afraid. Our only motivation was to get democratic freedom for Burma,” she said.

Forced to flee from the military, Ms Hta Nu took refuge at a Buddhist nunnery before she secured a position in Australia at the University of New England.