More bad news for cereal farmers after Russian wheat aphid found in north western NSW

Updated October 14, 2018 13:54:32

Photo: Coonabarabran agronomist James Fleming. (ABC Western Plains )

Russian wheat aphid has been discovered in a wheat crop at Coonabarabran in north western NSW, in the latest round of bad news for cereal farmers in the eastern states.

First discovered in South Australia in 2016, the aphid has been closely monitored by farmers and scientists for the past two years.

The pest can decimate crops and reduce cereal crop yields by up to 80 per cent, as it not only strips young growth but also injects a poison into the plant.

Photo: The owners of the property with the aphids are likely to graze the paddock. (ABC Western Plains)

Coonabarabran agronomist James Fleming said the aphid was found in a wheat crop when his clients were inspecting it, with a view to spraying it out to be used for grazing lambs.