Native, domestic animals in a life or death tussle for food during drought

Posted August 17, 2018 07:06:20

Photo: Native animals are increasingly desperate for food and water in drought-affected NSW. (Supplied) Related Story: Kangaroo protections relaxed by NSW as state declared 100pc drought affected Related Story: ‘Widespread and so severe’: All of NSW officially in drought

Wildlife carers in New South Wales are having to keep the release of rehabilitated kangaroos secret to avoid the animals being shot.

As the drought brings native and domestic animals’ needs into direct conflict, the already difficult task wildlife carers face is getting harder.

The current attitude towards kangaroos as pests or competitors for livestock feed means their welfare is being increasingly disregarded.

Reports have recently surfaced of four-wheel-drive vehicles leaving roads and mowing down kangaroos in residential Cowra.

“It’s really hard, especially for eastern grey kangaroos,” carer Sarah Stewart (not her real name) said.