Neighbours say cattle stations bought for conservation are now going up in smoke

Posted November 08, 2018 10:54:41

Photo: Stacey Marriot fights a fire on the nearby State Government-owned Springvale Station. (Supplied: Joy Marriott) Related Story: Queensland Government buys $7m cattle station in bid to protect Barrier Reef Related Story: Two Cape York mines rejected after Government wages legal war with itself

Graziers say massive fires burning in Cape York Peninsula have exposed devastating consequences from a Queensland Government policy to buy up cattle stations for conservation.

The fires, believed to have been deliberately lit, have burnt tens of thousands of hectares of conservation and grazing land near Lakeland, about three hours drive north of Cairns.

Landholders have told the ABC they are considering taking legal action against neighbouring property owners — including the Queensland Government-owned Springvale Station — for failing to contain or prepare for bushfires that have raged through the region for weeks.