New drought coordinator says struggling farmers won’t be left behind

The newly-appointed New South Wales drought coordinator says he is determined to ensure no one is left behind in the rollout of the State Government’s billion-dollar response to the drought.

Jock Laurie was today announced as the state’s drought coordinator, continuing the work of Pip Job who will remain in a role working with farmers.

The veteran farming advocate is a grazier from Walcha in North Western New South Wales and previously served as president of the National Farmers’ Federation.

He is also the state’s land and water commissioner.

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“It will fit in very well with some of the work I’ve been doing as land and water commissioner,” Mr Laurie said.

“We travel around the state talking to a lot of farmers as it is and a lot of issues that are raised with me on a regular basis are around the drought.

“The current drought, the problems that people are having and plenty of suggestions around what people would like to see happen.”

Mr Laurie says he will try to work from home as much as possible, and he will be an envoy between politicians and farmers.