Now it’s harder to compare apples with apples as growers fight decline with designer varieties

Australia’s apple industry is countering the decline in apple consumption in the last decade by fighting back with designer apple brands.

Apple designer varieties Pick of designer varieties: Kanzi: originally developed in Belgium, this variety is a hybrid of Braeburn and Gala apples. It has a bright red colour and promises a crunchy bite with good balance of sweet and sour flavour Rockit: these miniature apples are packaged in trendy tubes and are marketed as the perfect fit for a school lunchbox or active lifestyle. Rockit apples are said to have 65 per cent more potassium, 19 per cent more energy and 10 per cent more fibre than the average apple Bravo: WA’s homegrown club variety is touted as “the world’s most unique apple”. It has a distinct dark burgundy skin, white flesh and a sweet juicy taste Jazz: developed in New Zealand and a cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala varieties, it has the tagline “always refreshing” and tries to deliver on it with a tangy-sweet flavour and juicy bite Redlove: developed through a Swiss breeding program and its parents are a trade secret. It has glossy red skin and claret-red flesh and is only being produced by 30 growers in Australia

While classic apples, such as Pink Lady, Royal Gala and Granny Smith are still a staple in the local fruit and vegetable aisle, some new names like Kanzi, Redlove, Bravo and Envy are stocking the shelves, promising a premium price and sustainability for apple growers.