Perth Mint’s pink Argyle diamond-encrusted coin a world first

The Perth Mint has revealed the world’s first pavé-set, Argyle pink diamond gold coin at the prestigious 47th World Money Fair held in Berlin last week.

Each 99.99 per cent pure gold coin, known as the Jewelled Phoenix, has been inset with purplish, pink Argyle diamonds and was priced at $188,000.

And with only eight coins produced, that makes it one of the rarest collectable coins in the world.

“We sourced the diamonds from the Argyle mine and of course they’re very rare so it adds to the prestige and the rarity of this set,” group manager of Minted Products, Neil Vance, said.

“The phoenix is made of 16 carat rose gold [and] we put in 89 fancy purplish, pink diamonds [with] approximately 1.22 carats on each coin.

“We certainly managed to find some new collectors for the coins because of the diamonds but we also love the fact that we’re working with two prestigious West Australian brands that go very well together.”

Mr Vance said with more than 15,000 collectors coming through the World Money Fair, bidding for eight Jewelled Phoenix coins had been highly competitive.

“We have five of them sold and we have three very serious enquiries so we believe we might have sold all eight,” he said.