Rise of Red Centre certified organic beef

Outback organic beef is on the rise in Central Australia with the area’s certified organic pastoral land now equalling the size of a small European country.

ABC Rural estimates the region now boasts more than 8 million hectares of certified organic cattle land, or land in conversion to be certified, which is equivalent to the size of Austria.

Despite its smaller number of beef producers compared to the rest of the country, central Australia has long led the way in organic beef production.

Organic inquiries increase

Alice Springs became the first saleyard in Australia to be certified under both the National Certified Organic (NCO) and USDA National Organic (NOP) programs.

Now more and more stations in the area are seeking accreditation, but the increase is not limited just to central Australia.

According to Rhiannon Christie, communications and marketing manager for Australian Organic, there has been a significant increase in the amount of inquiries for organic beef across the board over the last 12 months.

“The [organic] beef market in Australia, in its entirety, is worth $564 million, [and] 20 per cent of all organic products are beef,” she said.

Organic producers and certifiers say that the remote central Australian landscape is ‘practically organic’ as it is.

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