What are you doing to invest in your farm business in 2020? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Investment in our learning is vital to improve our productivity and increase profit in our farm businesses.

And there is no more important time than now to do so. Modern farmers must manage a complex mix of financial, physical and human resources, all at a time while adapting to complex changes in our external working environment and constant unpredictability– with finite time available.

But, where do we turn to drive our businesses in the right direction and how do we know what and where to invest our precious time in?

Each year, my husband and I decide upon one training program to invest in to ensure we are continuously checking in, reflecting, learning new skills and improving our business.

This year we are completing the FOA Take Control Program and attending the TOP Producers Program 2-Day Workshop in Melbourne.

And today I’m very excited to bring you the most amazing opportunity (with a whopping discount too!) to learn and upskill with Farm Owners Academy (FOA) that may be of interest to our readers who are looking to Take Control of their businesses (just like us!).

What is Take Control?

Do you:

  • Need to stop the drastic up and downs in cash flow?
  • Miss out of family life because you’re always working?
  • Have a fear of failure?
  • Need more clarity, organisation and motivation?
  • Wish your family worked together as a team, instead of constantly undermining one another?
  • Want to become the best farmer you can be?

Yes of course we all do!

But, how do we manage our farm businesses with so much unpredictability surrounding the work we do and with so much out of our control?

Well, the FOA team have had 35+ years of experience helping farmers Take Control of the aspects that they can and know what separates failure and success. They want to help producers like us, move from an ‘average farmer’ to a successful one.

The Take Control Program is for young and established farmers. If you’re a young farmer who wants a strong business that will support your family for life, or an established farmer who’s tired of working so hard after decades of not making enough money. Or you simply want to increase your farm’s profitability to sell it for a fantastic price, this may be for you!

The Take Control Program is a 10-week online-based training and coaching program you can do from your own home:

  • You will work through five self-paced business modules to help you Take Control (see the video here to learn more about what is covered in the modules).
  • The modules are delivered via videos within the FOA online training platform.
  • You will also receive a Take Control Workbook to complete throughout the modules, this ensures you are implementing what you’re learning in real time. The workbook includes exercises, templates and questionnaires to help lead you towards more profit and less stress.
  • The program runs for a minimum 10 weeks, but you have lifetime access to the content.
  • Emails are sent to you each day to encourage and motivate you!

My husband and I are currently working through the program and look forward to sharing our results with you. We love the flexibility of working through at our own pace, the discussions it’s making us have, and the clarity it is giving us on where we’re heading over the next 10 years.

You can read all about the program here or listen on this recently released podcast. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe so you can catch up on past episodes and not miss any future ones! It’s seriously good listening!

A peak into the online training program. They sent a workbook via the mail too.

What is this amazing opportunity I mentioned?

I wanted to draw your attention to the Take Control Program now as this is the last month to buy at the current price of $3,000 before it increases to $5,000 (plus GST) on 1st March. FOA offer a 3-month payment plan of $1,100 (+GST) to ease cash flow pressure and they also have a 14-day 100% money back guarantee.

The program also comes with lifetime access to the private FOA Facebook group to chat with likeminded producers and a monthly live online call with the coaches to get your questions answered (extras worth over $4,500 value!).

Also, if you purchase Take Control, FOA will gift you two tickets to their smash hit TOP Producers Program 2-Day Workshop (valued at $1,990) FOR FREE! My husband and I are attending the Melbourne workshop in June and would love to see you there!

For those in NSW, you may be also be eligible for a 50% reimbursement from NSW Rural Assistance Authority. Please contact them directly for more info: https://www.raa.nsw.gov.au

Don’t just take it from me!

We can’t look past the amazing wealth of positive testimonials written by those who have completed Take Control. Watch and listen to Dave & Bianca’s feedback below for an insight into how the program has changed their lives.

Other producers have noted:

  • “This has given me the great shake-up to not sit at a low-performing level. I’d been thinking ‘don’t expect anything for the first 10 years on the farm. Just work your ass off and earn small profits and reinvest.’ But the Take Control Program showed me the potential for growth really early on.” – David Westbrook (Mixed Farmer)
  • “CONTROL is the ultimate word. My husband and I joined this program looking for some clarification towards improving our farm business and this program did deliver. We jumped unknowingly into the program wondering if we were spending our hard earned money correctly? And it has been worth every cent plus more. It has given us a strong business foundation to build, as well as endless potential to grow as individuals, whilst enjoying our farm business and lifestyle. We have implemented small, but easy, changes into our farm and personal lives to see small successes already. We highly recommend this course for any farm, of any size, with any family.  Andrew and Greg are fully committed to helping everyone along the way. Loved it and can’t wait to do the next course. Thank you Andrew and Greg, we really appreciate your work.” – Belinda McKimmie
  • “This course is absolutely fantastic. Very challenging. It will test your mind. I’m really good at the day-to-day stuff in my farm business. But I struggle with the implementation, the planning, the stuff away from the farm. Farm Owners Academy are really challenging me on that. To go home and reflect, I’m going to have to make some serious changes that will be very beneficial to my business. So yeah, could not recommend it highly enough. And I’m excited!” – Cameron England, Sheep Farmer

You can read more glowing testimonials on their Facebook page or on Google.

Where do I sign up?!

Take the most of this discount and opportunity by purchasing before 1 March at -> https://farmownersacademy.com/takecontrol

Want to learn more about Farm Owners Academy?

Greg Johnsson and Andrew Roberts created the Farm Owners Academy in 2015 to simplify the complexity of running a farming business. Their methods have been tried and tested in Australian Farming Businesses for over 35 years and are proven to help you experience more profit, more control, and more freedom.

FOA is recognised for its excellence and commitment to helping business owners and their teams succeed. FOA has a variety of resources including educational programs, online webinars, regular live events, plus monthly podcasts and blogs. In essence, they have a suite of differing learning tools (both online and in person) that includes everything you need to unlock the full potential of your business, and create something that makes you both proud and profitable and gives you the freedom you deserve.

  • Access their website here.
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