Tasmanian winemaker calls for similar protections as France’s Champagne

Updated May 18, 2018 06:11:28

Photo: Tasmania is a leading producer of cool climate varieties. (Unsplash: Scott Warman)

A winemaker is leading the push to register Tasmania’s own regional appellation scheme for wine, saying if it is good enough for the French, Tasmania should have similar protections.

But the locals know a visiting delegation of European Union officials may be surprised by Australian winemakers calling for the Tasmania way of doing things to be protected in the same way méthode champenoise is, by geographic indicators (GIs) that stop pretenders hitching a ride on the growing reputation of the island state’s industry.

Photo: Andrew Pirie hopes the EU will agree Tasmania’s method is exceptional. (Facebook: Andrew Pirie)

This week, the touring party from the EU arrived in Hobart to discuss the use of GIs, which control the use of names such as parmesan, prosecco, balsamic vinegar and champagne — which are also regions or towns.

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